In mid-November, the hardfork of bitcoin (SegWit2x) was due to take place, but the leaders of the companies leading the initiative decided to abandon this idea. As they say in their address, the implementation of the hardfork without the consent of the community would lead to a split in the mining capacities and, as a result, the emergence of competing blockchains

HardFork is the division of the cryptocurrency into two chains by changing the processing rules and adding blocks. After the hardfork, one branch works with nodes that support the new rules, and the second – with nodes that refused to support the changes.

Since the advent of bitcoin-blockchain has gone through a lot of hardforks. Some of them did not gain popularity for one reason or another (lack of support, bugs in the software), for example Bitcoin Unlimited, Bitcoin Classic, Bitcoin XT.

In today’s article, we will recall all the important hardforks: who, when and for what purpose, tried to “divide” bitcoin-network.
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