Ethereum has officially been updated.

At 05:22 UTC the fifth hard-fork for ethereum – the second largest crypto currency, by market capitalization, has updated a series of protocols to improve the air (EIP), designed to improve the platform. This is reported by CoinDesk

According to CoinMarketCap, the price for the air on the eve of the hard-fork fluctuated to an increase of more than 2%, and after the upgrade reached $ 348.

The first update to ethereum in 2015, called Metropolis, a major upgrade, faced some significant delays, which led to the rupture of the update in two phases – Byzantine and Constantinople (Constantinople does not yet have an official release date).

Since “Byzantine” was a planned update with minimal controversial corrections, there were very few disagreements in the community about the merits of the code changes included in the update. Nevertheless, the fork is still remarkable because this is the first major upgrade of the ethereum, since interest in this technology arose this year, which largely correlated with the popularity of ICO tokens, using the standard token from ethereum-ERC-20.

And how has all happened?

At times it seemed that the update process was pretty humming, although the developers of ethereum encountered other troubles even before the fork broke out.

For example, over the past few days, the ethereum software supporting Byzantine has been constantly withdrawn from the publication, due to the presence of critical errors found in the code. The developers made timely corrections – nevertheless, they seriously considered the possibility of postponing the fork.

According to the site of the blocking analysts – Ether Nodes, nodes with non-updated software currently make up 65.3% of Geth and 30.4% of Parity are the two main clients of ethereum. As CoinDesk previously said, faulty software can provoke a consensus problem that could divide the network or open access for DoS attacks (DoS attack – hacker attack on the computer system in order to bring it to the point of failure, – ed.) On the platform.

Nevertheless, according to current fork reports, there are as yet no signs that the updated devices are in the minority, and developers celebrate the failed update in social networks.

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