Sky News reports that due to the increased attention of regulators to the cryptocurrency industry and numerous investigations by the regulator regarding ICO-projects, Twitter will prohibit advertising crypts, ICO and cryptocurrency purses within two weeks, and may prohibit advertising of almost all cryptocurrency exchanges.

The blockchain is increasingly used at higher levels. The central bank of Singapore and the Bank of Canada have concluded a partnership in which interstate payments using their own tokens will be tested. The head of the Singapore bank said that in the framework of the project, called Ubin, the Singapore authorities want to use the blockchain to provide cross-border payments between enterprises and even two successful tests have already been conducted. Successful cooperation between the two states at this level (and even the very fact of his attempt) can powerfully signal to the others to use blockchain, and either you join or remain on the sidelines of progress.

For the first time in history, an entire section of the annual economic report of the US Congress was devoted to cryptocurrencies. In the report itself, the past year 2017 was generally called “the year of the Cryptocurrency”. Perhaps, this is the case, and the further, the stronger the crypt will enter the life of society and people around the world, some would not like the opposite.

The cryptocurrency hype led to the creation of new types of computing clusters – special farms for mining. While your neighbor throws rubbish from the balcony and stores it on the new GTX, the guys from New Mining attract investors and collect 40-foot containers stuffed with specialized equipment for round-the-clock bitcoins mining. Through the roar of the fans, we reached out to these enterprising enthusiasts and went to see what and how.

In the data center for industrial mining at once you will not come in. Here, as in a spaceship, a lock compartment is provided. If you connect the stairs and the engine room with one door, then the airflow will blow everything that lies badly.

Before the trip, we thought that we would see all the equipment right in the container, ready to be transported to anywhere in the world. But for now the farm is working indoors. Therefore, we’ll start with a story about the infrastructure in its current form, and then – about how New Mining can create the same in a clean field.

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Lightning Labs officially launched a beta version of the Lightning Network for the bitcoin network. Providing the opportunity to send bitcoins and lightboxes without taking into account transactions in the blockroom, Lightning Network makes these crypto-currencies even more convenient and effective. CEO of Lightning Labs Elizabeth Stark noted that one channel allows you to transfer up to $ 1,400, the transaction size should not exceed $ 400. In addition, Lightning Labs said that it attracted $ 2.5 million from a number of investors.

The financial regulator of the US sent cryptocurrency hedge funds to the court and information requests. According to a source from Bloomberg, the regulator is still planning to monitor compliance with the requirements for the protection of client funds and study the methods of investment valuation. Also, the SEC is interested in information about possible conflicts of interest among fund managers and is going to sort out using SAFT to circumvent legislation. There is a feeling that something is sure to be found and the heads will fly.

Next week, within the framework of the G20 summit, which will be held in Argentina, there will be two separate discussions on the topic of crypto-currency in order to develop a global approach to industry regulation. The first meeting will take place on Monday, the second will be held on Thursday. From a public document (pictured) it is known that cryptocurrencies and blockchains will be in the spotlight. Participants want to find ways to reduce risks that can not interfere with the development of innovation. Representatives of various countries, such as the US, Japan and Germany, have long called for a discussion of the crypt within the G20, and finally their dream will come true.

On three exchanges of South Korea raids were conducted in connection with suspicions of embezzlement of clients’ funds. According to the local newspaper “Choson Ilbo”, documents, mobile phones and hard disks were confiscated from the offices. “The companies were in our field of vision in January during the audit of suspicious money transfers from bitcoin-exchanges that were identified during the audit by the Financial Services Commission and the Financial Investigations Department,” the prosecutor’s office said. Interestingly, what did they generally hope for, stealing under the pressure of such checks?

Exclusive content in the Playboy TV network can be purchased for crypto currency. It is planned to create your own electronic wallet by the end of the year, as well as your own coin Vice Industry Token. So far, no major television company has accepted the crypt as a payment.

The consulting firm L Plus reports that it conducted a study showing that hackers who hacked Coincheck had already managed to launder about 40% of the XEM tokens stolen from the stock exchange. Probably, their bulk was sold in darknet at unknown prices, and most of the coins, according to information from the Tokyo police, have already been transferred to bitcoins. For this amount of money it is, to put it mildly, quickly. At the time of the theft, the price of funds was $ 530 million, and now ~ $ 230 million. In many respects, this drop was caused by a break-in. Coincheck itself already announced the start of compensation payments for the affected users.