The Chinese currency exchange Huobi told about its actions regarding the forthcoming hardfork Segwit2x, which will be held in mid-November. The company claims that it will continue to provide services for digital assets trading, and the work with the hardfork will not be different, except for the release of internal futures for both Bitcoin variants.

“Huobi has no right to choose the coins received as a result of taking Segwit2x for users” – explains the trading platform. “We will support all coins, and provide our users with options for trade.”

However, Huobi has a strategy of behavior before, during and after a change in consensus. The exchange offers futures, as Huobi plans to open trading pairs BT1 / BTC and BT2 / BTC at 12:00 PM (GMT + 8) on October 19. On the eve of the hardfork, held at block 494784, Huobi will suspend deposits and withdraw funds for up to three days. According to the representatives of the platform, this is necessary to ensure such risks as possible double expenses and instability of the network.

In addition with successful hardfork Huobi plans to rename the new chain with divided coins and enroll the clients to these tokens in a ratio of 1:1. Then the platform will restore the trading pairs of BTC and the token of the “loser” of the blockade. If the hardfork does not take place, Huobi will stop trading futures BT1 and BT2.

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