This week, the leading developer of the Bitcoin ABC client, Amaury Séchet, suggested adding the Bech32 address format to the Bitcoin Cash (BCH) network. Currently, the BCH community is discussing the modification of the address format along with the preparation for the correction of the “EDA”, since the current version creates significant problems with the stability of the hashrate.

On October 14, Amaury Séchet suggested introducing a new address format into the bitcoin cash network. The topic of changing the BCH address format was discussed for several months, and even after Bitpay released a new address format for BCH integration into its Copay wallet.

The discussion began in July this year at the Bitcoin ABC repository on Github. A few weeks ago Bitpay stated that it had created “new mandatory restrictions so that users could not accidentally send BTC to the BCH purse or vice versa.” However, the new Bitpay address format hasn’t been approved by the BCH community and developers.

Electron Cash Opinion

The developer of the Electron Cash purse, Jonald Fyookball, told in the Yours network in detail that “the new bitcoin address format from Bitpay violates the compatibility of wallets and requires community discussion.” Fyookball explains that he is a “fan of Bitpay”, but believes that the new format without discussion of the community will create problems.

“The main problem” in the opinion of Fyookball is that if each user BCH within the whole community doesn’t update the software, then “incompatibility of new format addresses (Bitpay format) with the existing address format” will appear. ”

“Updated wallets theoretically should continue to support sending to the old addresses those purses that deliberately stopped supporting outdated addresses. It seems that Bitpay did just that on its platform. ”

“This could be a matter from the field of program structure, if the idea is to prevent the user from sending funds to the BTC address. However, since many users still use the old addresses, this destroys compatibility with previous versions. ”

Amaury Séchet prefers Bech 32 addresses

The community believes that the Bitcoin Cash addresses should be different from the bitcoin addresses, but believes that the proposed Bitpay method is not the best solution. Amaury Séchet explains in the mailing list for the development team that, perhaps, the BCH programmers “are moving too slowly, and therefore Bitpay outstripped them.”

Séchet also notes that Bitpay should have discussed this step with them, as updating the address format can be “destructive.” Séchet also said that he favored the type of address Bech 32, proposed by the developer Bitcoin Pieter Wuille.

“At the moment I’m in favor of Bech32 addresses, because they have a number of advantages. Most notably, the format can be extended to support new functions in the future, “the newsletter reported. “The current address format or option offered by Bitpay doesn’t allow this, so we probably will have to change it again in the future. Therefore, I think that we should adopt an addressable format that can be expanded, rather than dealing with patching holes. This will solve the problem now, but it will come back to us in the future. ”

Bitcoin Cash offers

The proposal supported by Séchet seems to be approved by other developers of the BCH protocol. One commentator wrote: “A very elegant sentence, I like it,” and the request for code inclusion was also sent to the Bitpay / Copay repository.

The developer who recommends changing the address format in Bitpay writes: “You can delete the new address format starting with C, and add the Bech32 format (described here: Bitcoin-UAHF / spec # 21) if any wallets start using it? It is much more convenient. ”

It seems that the development and infrastructure of Bitcoin Cash are trying to catch up with the recent EDA proposals and the new idea of changing the format of the address. In addition, the community was offered another idea – to create “colored coins” on the BCH network. On October 16, Bitcoin Unlimited developer Andrew Stone proposed a script for Bitcoin Cash, which will help create these tokens on the network.

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