The traditional form of copy-trading is a way of investing, where professional exchange traders allow novice investors, or investors who do not have time to devote themselves to trading, the opportunity to mirror all the transactions that a professional does. One of the characteristics that distinguishes copy-trading and investing your money with a financial adviser is that with copy-trading you do not have to physically transfer your investments. Your assets remain on your personal account and take the same actions as the professional investor on your personal account.

So how does this affect the crypto currency market?

Crypto currency markets position themselves as effective, and very profitable investment opportunities. A growing number of people around the world began their journey to financial freedom, investing in bitcoin, Etherium, and thousands of small projects. In 2017, the market capitalization of all crypto currencies exceeded 170 billion dollars, attracting the attention of many new potential investors who still did not know about crypto-currencies.

The biggest problem facing the continued growth of investors and investments in the world of crypto currency is the barriers to exit, which frighten many people who are not technologically savvy or do not have time for research. Security issues, identity checks on stock exchanges, dishonest projects, proper coin storage, and the ever-changing news environment around the crypto currency are just some of the biggest challenges that new investors face. In traditional financial markets, most investors do not make their own investment decisions, they leave work to professionals. At present, professional traders of crypto currency are not available to investors. There are several small financial groups offering crypto currency investment opportunities, but these are mostly small companies in foreign countries with little regulation or control that could guarantee their honesty. So how do novice investors break into a market that is either too complex or too much time to invest? Introducing Covesting: a copy-trading platform that solves many of the issues faced by novice investors and professional traders.

What can Covesting offer?

The Covesting platform is a user-friendly market where investors and professional traders can grow together with mutual benefits. The platform allows professional traders and amateurs to start modeling on a platform where they can link their model to several different large crypto exchanges. Linking their models, the platform then tracks all completed transactions, and tracks the results. Investors can sort through hundreds of traders who offer the opportunity to copy their trades, all of which have different risks and growth strategies. Investors can select up to 20 models at a time, which allows them to diversify their portfolio, and select model managers based on their actual performance tracked by the platform.

What’s so amazing about Covesting and copy-trading?

Covesting allows an ordinary investor who may not have the technical knowledge to make his investment decisions, gives him a chance to profit from a booming industry. Since at the present time only a small part is invested in the crypto currency – 1% of the world’s capital, there is a large untapped market of investors who would like to find a way to take advantage of the wide opportunities available. Covesting relieves of concern about the transfer of assets, because you have full control over your assets for the entire time that your money is stored on the Covesting platform. Covesting also allows investors to take a small timeout in their lives, while a professional trader actively cultivates his portfolio. Investors can easily take a vacation, travel and not worry about the latest news in other time zones that can drastically affect their investment. Covesting allows you to enjoy the morning yoga classes that you missed because you read the latest ICO news. Choosing a successful investment strategy allows you to continue your daily activities, while a professional earns you money every day.

It’s great for investors, but what will professional traders get?

Many professional traders do not do this for financial firms or banks. Most crypto traders work independently, managing their money and spending time on forums, chats and other communities dedicated to the industry. Since the trader, who was very successful, starts to manage the assets of other people? Covesting offers a solution; a chance to show the world how you are a talented crypto-trader. By linking trading accounts on external crypto-exchange exchanges with the Covesting platform, investors will be able to view

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